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Size guides

You will find size charts as a product image under each product.

In cases where we know that there are deviations from what the manufacturer recommends, we state this clearly in the description of the product. For example, it may be that some models are large or small compared to what is standard.

Should something you ordered not fit after all, 14 days open purchase applies as always.

Size guides for motorcycle helmets

Buying a helmet is always a certain challenge, regardless of whether it is done online or in a store. We've put together a guide on how to find out what size you should order and how to decide if the helmet you get home fits correctly and well or if you should try a different size, model or even a different brand.
  1. Start by measuring the circumference of your head as shown in the image below (image from Hedon). Make sure you measure where the circumference is largest on your particular head. Hedon has also produced a film that shows how to measure.

  2. Read your size in the respective table for the brand and model you want to order. You will find these under the respective helmet under the product description. Please note that it may differ between different manufacturers and that you may therefore need a different size than before if you change brands and models.

  3. When you receive your helmet, you must perform a number of tests to determine whether the helmet fits.

  4. Put on the helmet and fasten it.

  5. Shake your head from side to side. The skin on the cheeks and head should move with the helmet when you shake. If the helmet is loose, the helmet is too big and you need to go down a size. If you think the helmet moves as it should, proceed to point 6.

  6. Put one hand behind the helmet and push it forward while resisting with your head. Now try to get your little finger between the forehead and the inner shell of the helmet. If you can get your little finger in, the helmet is too big and you should change to a smaller size. If you cannot get the little finger in, proceed to point 7.

  7. With the chin strap still attached, place your hand against the chin area of ​​the helmet and push it upwards. If the helmet then lifts off the head, it is too big.

  8. With your hand on the rear lower part of the helmet, you now push upwards. If the helmet lifts from the head, the helmet is too big.

Keep in mind that the helmet should feel a little tight at first. It will give and mold to your head after a while. However, it should not be so tight that it hurts.