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by Alpine Hearing Protection

Alpine MotoSafe Earplugs Tour

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Alpine MotoSafe are earplugs specially developed for motorcycling.

The MotoSafe earplugs reduce harmful noise without feeling disconnected from your surroundings. Surrounding traffic, your navigation system, the intercom and the motorcycle are still easy to hear thanks to the innovative AlpineAcousticFilters™.

This special touring variant of MotoSafe earplugs offers a noise reduction value of 17dB (SNR) suitable for holiday touring or everyday riding where most of the miles are on 80-90 roads.

  • Reduces harmful noise and prevents fatigue
  • Soft material for ultimate wearing comfort
  • Easy to remove and can be worn over 100 times.
MotoSafe is also sold as a kit with two different attenuations, 17 and 20 dB:

    Alpine MotoSafe Race can be cleaned with warm water and soap.

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