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by John Doe

John Doe Jane High Mono Raw Black

$127.00 $202.00
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Seek and you shall find.

Finally, we have found a women's model of MC jeans that meets all our wishes in terms of waist (= high), protection class (= at least AA), construction (one layer without thick lining) and color (= black).

The Jane High model from John Doe is an AA-rated single-layer pant (called mono layer by JD) with a really high waist and which is also available in a black version.

We think this will be a hit.

If we don't have your size at home, we can often bring it home from John Doe. Just contact us.

ATTENTION! John Doe has updated the design of the Jane High with more stretch to create an even more comfortable fit. The new design has an AA rating while the previous design has AAA. At the moment we cannot guarantee which variant you will get as both versions are in circulation.

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