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by Pando Moto

Pando Moto Skin UH03 UHMWPE Base Layer Leggings

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The Skin model from Pando Moto is a very good option for those who cannot find the right model among the range of motorcycle jeans or for those who simply want an extra layer of protection under their motorcycle jeans.

In Skin UH03, Pando Moto has woven in the super strong fiber UHMWP which is 15 times stronger than steel. This gives you a very thin protective base that still has an AA-rated protection level (32 meters of slip protection).

The model is yet another unisex model that is equally suitable for men and women.

Equipped with knee and hip pockets for SAS-TEC TripleFlex protection.

  • Medium waist
  • Quality in 65% UHMWPE and Spandex (15 times stronger than steel) which dissipates heat very well keeping you cool
  • Mesh fabric in the crotch provides good ventilation and greater comfort
  • High stretch makes the fit perfect, which ensures that the protectors fit correctly and protect better
  • Supplied with CE-approved (EN1621-1:2012) knee and hip protectors from SAS-TEC (Level 1 protection)
  • The protectors from SAS-TEC are very comfortable but absorb shocks well when needed
  • The entire garment is CE-approved (EN 17092) according to protection class AA (32 meters of slip protection or 4.1 seconds).

What differentiates Skin UH03 from the previous models UH01 and UH02 ?

  • Skin UH03 is protection-rated to AA level (32 meter slip protection) instead of A level (16 meter slip protection)
  • Skin UH03 is delivered with both hip and knee protection. UH01/UH02 comes with knee pads and hip pads can be purchased as an option.

- Hand wash in cold water only
- Turn inside out before washing
- Hang drying
- The garment can shrink up to 5% in the first wash.

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