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by Pando Moto

PANDO MOTO Steel Black 9 Dyneema Jeans

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A stylish and very comfortable model of MC jeans from PANDO MOTO that has been a personal favorite for several seasons. The model has a fair amount of stretch but still feels like a pair of substantial jeans.

Steel Black 9 consists of 25% Dyneema®, which gives a very high wear resistance even though it is only one layer of denim. As the Dyneema fiber is interwoven with the regular denim fabric, this is also a change that others like considerably more than traditional Kevlar jeans and we think it's cool even on really hot days.

Comfortable knee pads from Knox and hip pads from SAS-Tec are included. The knee pads can be adjusted in height in two positions.

Despite the name, Steel Black 9 is dark, dark blue and not completely black. If you want completely jet black trousers, you should check out Steel Black 02 instead.

Made in Europe.

  • Classic slim-fit MC jeans with 13 oz stretch denim and 25% Dyneema®
  • Reflective pants provide increased visibility in traffic and in the dark
  • CE-approved according to EN 17092, protection level AA (70 km/h or 32 meters of skid protection)
  • Includes CE approved (EN1621-1: 2012) knee protectors from KNOX
  • Includes CE approved (EN1621-1: 2012) hip protectors from
    SAS-Tec Triple Flex.
  • Reinforce seams with chain stitches
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