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by SP Connect

SP Connect Phone Case SPC+ iPhone

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SPC+ is the new model of shell, holder and accessories from SP Connect.

The new even slimmer and functional case protects your smartphone at all times and allows you to mount it on the wide range of SPC+ Connect mounts. Mount your phone securely with its patented twist-to-lock mechanism.

  • Full access to all buttons and ports
  • Compatible with wireless charging
  • Magnetic case compatible with Apple MagSafe
  • 40% thinner and 25% stronger than previous generation cases from SP Connect

ATTENTION! Some phone models have an optical zoom system on their camera . This system can be extremely sensitive to shocks and vibrations and although the SP Connect's holder has a system that absorbs disturbances and vibrations, it is sometimes not enough for these zoom systems. SP Connect or The Occasional Rider takes no responsibility for damage to phones that occurs in combination with the use of SP Connect's products.

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