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by Superior Layer

Superior Layer Freedom Glove Yellow

$23.00 $45.00
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A thin, supple, unlined leather glove that will look better the more you use and care for it.

Made of high-quality leather with an incredibly beautiful luster in the color.

The gloves are delivered with a small leather strap that can be clipped onto the gloves and which can then be attached to a belt or similar. Incredibly flexible to be able to have the gloves with you when you get off the bike.

  • Leather thickness: 0.9 mm
  • The seams on the outside for a more natural feeling against the skin
  • Not CE approved.

ATTENTION! Large in size. We recommend choosing a size smaller than you normally do.

Lubricate the gloves regularly with leather conditioner to maintain the suppleness and durability of the leather. In this way, the skin is prevented from drying out and breaking. Leather conditioner can darken the leather, so we recommend that you test the oil on a hidden surface at first. Moisten the leather a little first. Using a polishing cloth, buff in a small amount of grease, repeat until the leather is saturated.

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